• The fieldwork of the 7th Economic Census has been completed. As regards the results of 7th Economic Census, 12 States/UTs have not approved the provisional results and it is pending in 10 States/UTs for decision on approval. Therefore, nationwide 7th Economic Census results could not be finalized.
  • West Bengal is the only state that has not participated in the 7th Economic Census. Although numerous consultations and communications between the Ministry and Government of West Bengal officials were made at various levels, it could not fructify.
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining & quarrying sector data are being received from West Bengal government and are used for compilation of Gross Value of Output and Gross Value Added for estimation of Gross Domestic Product of the country by the Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation.
  • The Economic Census (EC) is conducted by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) under Ministry of Statistics & Programme implementation (MOSPI) to provide a frame of “Establishments” engaged in various economic activities both in the organized and unorganized sectors of the economy so that further censuses or sample surveys could be carried out by various organizations for collection of detailed data required on various aspects of the entrepreneurial activities.
  • The First Economic Census was conducted by CSO in the year 1977 which covered only the Establishments in nonagricultural activities.
  • Both agricultural and non-agricultural activities were covered in the Second Economic Census and all the subsequent economic censuses. The Second and third Economic Censuses were carried out along with House Listing Operation of the Population Censuses 1981 & 1991 respectively and therefore Assam was not covered in EC 1980 and J&K was not covered in EC 1990 since Population Censuses were not carried out in these States at that time.
  •  The Fourth Economic Census (EC-1998) and the Fifth Economic Census (EC-2005) were conducted by CSO in collaboration with the Bureau of Economic & Statistics of the States/UTs Governments with similar scope and geographical coverage and included all the States and UTs. 
  • The Fifth Economic Census covered all economic activities (agricultural & non-agricultural) except those involved in crop production and plantation related to production and/or distribution of goods and/or services other than for the sole purpose of own consumption.

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