PM at the 2nd India-Nordic Summit, in Copenhagen on May 04, 2022.

News: In this year’s Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi, we, the eight Nordic-Baltic countries, are participating in it together as representatives of the Nordic-Baltic cooperation, the NB8.

Nordic Countries are having long-term and ever-closer ties with India and the Indo-Pacific region in common. They share a commitment to democracy and human rights and followers of an international order based on multilateralism and international law.

Nordic-Baltic Countries (NB8): Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

The impact of the war against Ukraine

  • The war affects global food and energy security, supply chains, macro-financial stability, inflation and growth. Indeed, the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports is especially pernicious, given the substantial global humanitarian needs.
  • The global agenda for progress is seriously hampered by Russia’s illegal and full-scale war against Ukraine. According to NB8, Russia is trying to destroy and dominate a democratic neighbouring country and alter borders using illegal force.
  • It is an attack on international law and on the fundamental principles of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states. Upholding these principles that are enshrined in the United Nations Charter, be it in Europe, the Indo-Pacific or elsewhere, and ensuring accountability for the crimes committed, is paramount.

Diverse links of Nordic countries with India

  • The Nordic region has come close to India in recent years such as Indian Cuisine, Bollywood, Yoga, Ayurveda and Textiles are extremely popular in the Nordic-Baltic region.
  • India’s Exports to Nordic Countries have increased significantly in recent years.
  • The Nordic-Baltic cooperation with India spans fields as diverse as innovation, green transition, maritime, health, intellectual property rights, new technologies, space cooperation and artificial intelligence, student exchanges, culture and tourism.
  • Trade and investment figures between our region and India are steadily increasing. Jointly, India and the Nordic-Baltic countries are coming together in pursuit of common goals.
  • India-Sweden joint global initiative: Leadership Group on Industry Transition (LeadIT) in 2019 at the UN Climate Action Summit to help guide the world’s heaviest greenhouse gas emitting industries toward a low-carbon economy.
  • Nordic-Baltic nations have best of innovation, green tech, AI & block chain-led transformation, supply chain logistics & fintech and these are the areas where there is a huge scope for collaboration with India as India has made great strides in these areas besides being an economic powerhouse with vast mineral resources and talent pool.
  • Sustainability partnerships with Finland; a green strategic partnership with Denmark focusing on water solutions, wind energy, and agriculture, and joint projects with Iceland in harnessing geothermal energy.

Peace formula

  • Ukraine has presented an ambitious peace formula for a comprehensive, just and lasting peace, based on international law and the UN Charter.
  • The peace formula, which has received broad international support, includes issues of global concern such as energy and food security, environmental consequences and justice.
  • In a time of geopolitical shifts, the security of the Nordic-Baltic region and the Indo-Pacific is interlinked.
  • The visit represents the first joint high-level NB8 delegation outside Europe. The group had chosen India as their first destination, for many good reasons. Building a strong commitment to the multilateral system, increasing dialogue and cooperation on the issues that dominate India’s and other global partners’ agendas.

During the Raisina dialogue, the NB8’s message to the world continues to be partnership, trust and cooperation. A partnership for development and health; a partnership for green transition and digitalisation; and a partnership for peace and stability.


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