GS 2Bilateral, Regional and Global Groupings and Agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.


India’s G-20 Presidency established a legacy of Inclusive Growth, Sustainable Development, and Gender Equality through a series of groundbreaking initiatives and unwavering commitment to these ideals.

India’s legacy in G20

Inclusive Growth

  • Expanding the G-20’s Reach
    • Ensuring a more inclusive representation of developing nations.
    • Example:India’s bold step to include the African Union (AU) as a permanent member of the G-20 expanded the forum’s reach to encompass 80% of the global population.
  • Championing the Voice of the Global South
    • Recognizing the often-overlooked concerns of the Global South.
    • Example: India hosted the “Voice of the Global South Summit” twice, bringing developing countries to the forefront of global discussions.
  • People’s Participation
    • Ensuring that diverse voices were heard and incorporated into policy decisions
    • Example: India’s G-20 Presidency was deeply rooted in public engagement, reaching over 1.4 billion citizens through Jan Bhagidari events.

Sustainable Development

  • Accelerating Progress on SDGs
    • Emphasizing interconnected issues like health, education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability
    • Example: India spearheaded the G-20 2023 Action Plan to Accelerate Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) Repository
    • India’s recognition of the transformative potential of DPI led to the establishment of the Digital Public Infrastructure Repository, providing a platform for developing countries to learn, adopt, and scale DPI solutions.
  • Green Development Pact
    • India introduced the ambitious Green Development Pact, advocating for employment and ecosystem balance, climate-conscious consumption, and planet-friendly production, aligning economic growth with environmental sustainability.

Gender Equality

  • Empowering Women through Education
    • Example: India’s Women’s Reservation Bill, reserving one-third of Parliament and State Legislative Assembly seats for women, epitomized its commitment to women’s political participation.
  • Dedicated G-20 Working Group on Women
    • Example: The New Delhi Declaration established a dedicated Working Group on the Empowerment of Women within the G-20, ensuring that gender equality remains a central focus of future discussions.
  • Lifestyles for Sustainable Development (LiFE)
    • India’s initiative, Lifestyles for Sustainable Development (LiFE), promotes sustainable consumption patterns and gender-sensitive practices, empowering women to contribute to environmental sustainability.


  • India’s G-20 Presidency set a benchmark for future Presidencies in terms of inclusivity, sustainability, and gender equality. By placing these values at the heart of its leadership, India demonstrated the potential for the G-20 to drive positive change on a global scale.

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