• The Republic of Azerbaijan is situated in the east of the South Caucasus. Our country’s area is 86.6 thousand square kilometers.
  • The Republic has common borders with 5 countries. These are the Turkish Republic, the Russian Federation, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Armenian and the Georgian republics.

Caspian Sea border

  • The Caspian Sea is in the east of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has water boundaries with Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.
  • The Russian Federation is in the north of Azerbaijan. The length of our border with this country is 390 km.
  • The Islamic Republic of Iran is in the south of Azerbaijan. With Iran, we have 765km-long border.
  • The state of Georgia is in the north-west of Azerbaijan. The length of our border with Georgia is 471 km.
  • Our country has borders with Armenia in the west and south-west. The length of the border with this country is 1007 km. Historically, Azerbaijani Turks had lived in the territories now called the Republic of Armenia. However, Armenians have forced them out of their homes. Not a single Azerbaijani is now living in the Republic of Armenia.
  • Azerbaijan has a border with the Turkish Republic in the south-west. The length of the border with Turkey is 15 km.
  • From the west, our republic has been surrounded by the Caspian Sea. The length of our republic’s border overland is 2647 km, and the water boundary is 816 km.
  • Armenia and Azerbaijan have said they will exchange prisoners of war and work towards normalizing their relations, in a move welcomed by the European Union and the United States.
  • The two countries have been locked in a decades-long conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, which Azerbaijan reclaimed after a lightning offensive against Armenian separatists in September.

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