• The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), an alliance of 29 members, has unanimously adopted the New Delhi declaration.
  • It is underscoring the need to mitigate risks arising from the development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) systems and promoting equitable access to critical resources for AI innovation, including computing and high-quality diverse datasets.

About Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

  • It is a multi-stakeholder initiative which aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice on AI by supporting cutting-edge research and applied activities on AI-related priorities.
  • At present it has 28 member countries including the European Union.
  • India is one of the founding members of GPAI.
  • China is not a part of GPAI.
  • Its secretariat is hosted at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Paris.
  • All GPAI activities are intended to foster responsible development of AI grounded in these principles of human rights, inclusion, diversity, innovation and economic growth.
  • GPAI experts will collaborate across four working groups on the themes of responsible AI (including a subgroup on AI and pandemic response), data governance, the future of work, and innovation and commercialization.

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