• Niti, the last village in Chamoli district bordering China, will be connected to a double lane road in 2024.
  • This road connects the border area villages of Kailashpur, Farkiya, Banpa, Gamshali, and Niti”. The development of a double-lane road in Niti village aims to alleviate the challenges faced by devotees when visiting the Timmarsain cave to seek blessings from Baba Barfani.

Vibrant Village Programme

  • The central government has identified 2,967 villages across 46 blocks in 19 districts along the northern borders to be developed under the Vibrant Village Programme. In the first phase, priority has been given to 662 of these villages, including 455 in Arunachal Pradesh, 75 in Himachal Pradesh, 35 in Ladakh, 46 in Sikkim, and 51 border villages in Uttarakhand.
  • It is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme.
  • The government is particularly focused on improving and enhancing road connectivity from the last village along the country’s border.
  • The programme envisages focused areas of interventions in the select villages for creation of opportunities for livelihood generation through promotion of tourism & cultural heritage, skill development & entrepreneurship and development of cooperative societies including agriculture/horticulture, cultivation of medicinal plants/herbs etc. the interventions also include providing road connectivity to unconnected villages, housing & village infrastructures, energy including renewable energy, television & telecom connectivity. 
  • The objective of the programme is to create sufficient incentives for people to stay on in the selected villages.

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