• Arth Ganga is an initiative added recently to the Namami Ganga Program launched by the Government in 2014.
  • It was decided in the meeting of National Ganga Council (NGC) held on 14th December 2019 to launch a new concept as the name Arth Ganga, which is a sustainable and viable economic development model to strengthen the river-people connect through an economic bridge.
  • Prime minister first introduced the concept during the first National Ganga Council meeting in Kanpur in 2019, where he urged for a shift from Namami Gange, the Union Government’s flagship project to clean the Ganga, to the model of Arth-Ganga.
  • Arth-Ganga focuses on the sustainable development of the Ganga and its surrounding areas, by focusing on economic activities related to the river. At its core, the Arth-Ganga model seeks to use economics to bridge people with the river.
  • Accordingly, it was decided that the Namami Gange mission should lead the concept of Arth Ganga with the involvement of different ministries/departments and other stakeholders, institution & community organization. So it was added as a vertical of Namami Ganga Program, in addition to the 4 verticals
    • Nirmal Ganga,
    • Aviral Ganga,
    • Jan Ganga,
    • Gyan Ganga, existing till then.
  • Six pillars of Arth-Ganga identified are:
    • Promotion of Natural Framing on 5 kms band either side of River Ganga;
    • Monetisation and reuse of Treated water and sludge from the STPs;
    • Improvement of Livelihood opportunities, particularly for women;
    • Promotion of Tourism and Cultural heritage;
    • People’s Participation and Building of capacities and institutions.
  • Implementation of these initiatives is aimed to develop a sustainable development model with focus on economic activities related to river Ganga. Several activities under Arth Ganga have been taken up by National Mission for Clean Ganga in coordination with various ministries/departments and other stakeholders, to achieve the goal.

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