Pulicat Lake

  • Pulicat Lake is the located 40 km north of Chennai city and is the second largest brackish water lake in India after Chilka Lake.
  • Due to deltaic deposit, the lake is shallow with an average depth of above 1.5 m. The lake is separated from the Bay of Bengal, by an inland spit called the Sriharikota Island.
  • The main source of freshwater is land runoff through three seasonal rivers that open into the lake. They are Arani at its southern end, Kalangi at its mid-western side and Swarnamukhi at its northern end. Water flows in these rivers only during the monsoon season (October to December).
  • A manmade Buckingham canal that runs parallel to the coast passes through the Pulicat Lake from its southern end and emerges onto the Sriharikota Island. Two islands in the northern part of the lake, Venadu and Irakkam are found on a bade of sub-fossilized shells.
  • The entire portion within Tamil Nadu (60 km) was declared as Sanctuary in October 1980. This wetland has a variety of ecologically important features such as lake water body, plantation, mud flat, sand bar etc.

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