Prakash Singh’s verdict

  • In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court in 2006 directed all states and UTs to bring in police reforms. It issued a series of measures that were to be undertaken by the governments so that the police could work without worrying about political interference. The court passed these directions while hearing a PIL filed by former IPS officer Prakash Singh.

Measures suggested by the Supreme Court

  • The seven main directives from the Supreme Court in the verdict were fixing the tenure and selection of the DGP to avoid situations where officers about to retire in a few months are given the post.
  • In order to ensure no political interference, a minimum tenure was sought for the Inspector General of Police so that they are not transferred mid-term by politicians.
  • The SC further directed postings of officers being done by Police Establishment Boards (PEB) comprising police officers and senior bureaucrats to insulate powers of postings and transfers from political leaders.
  • Further, there was a recommendation of setting up the State Police Complaints Authority (SPCA) to give a platform where common people aggrieved by police action could approach.
  • Apart from this, the SC directed separation of investigation and law and order functions to better improve policing, setting up of State Security Commissions (SSC) that would have members from civil society and forming a National Security Commission.

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