In News: Novel therapeutic formulation developed for improved treatment of Indian red scorpion sting

Researchers have developed a new therapeutic drug formulation (TDF) against the Scorpion envenomation.

What is Envenomation?

  • It refers to the process of being poisoned or affected by venom typically from the bite or sting of a venomous animal like a snake, scorpion, or spider.The Indian red scorpion (Mesobuthus tamulus), with its life-threatening sting, is one of the world’s most dangerous scorpions.
  • Conventionally, α1- adrenoreceptor agonist (AAAs), such as Prazosin, is also used alone or in combination with commercial ASA for the treatment of stung patients; But this treatment has limitations due to the low proportion of venom-specific antibodies against the most abundant toxin.
  • A new therapeutic drug formulation (TDF) comprising of low doses of commercial equine antiscorpion antivenom (ASA), α1- adrenoreceptor agonist (AAAs) and vitamin C, for inhibiting the Indian red scorpion venom-induced toxicity and associated symptoms can help improve clinical management of scorpion sting patients.

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